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What is an audioscope? It's simply a graphical display of the current sound over time (kindof like a gui demonstration of breaking a sound barrier.) Used with multimedia Web pages viewed with msntv (or webtv), this element creates an animated visual image to synchronize with the sounds played.

Check out the Msn Tv Developer Support Site for more info on designing for MsnTv and Webtv.

Width Height
Gain Max Level
Left Color Or Left Off Set
Right Color Or Right Off Set

You are not allowed to reverse engineer the program nor are you allowed to change the program in any way. j@cK's Audio Scoper may NOT be copied and distributed by any means or a part be distributed as a component of any commercial product without a prior agreement with the author. HTML code you create with j@cK's Audio Scoper can be used in any way you like. No license fee is required.

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