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In 1997, I was first introduced to the world wide web with the limited webtv (now msntv) box platform. I was so interested in it that I wanted to make something for use with it. Web page after web page I discovered what other people made to support webtv, and collected some ideas, and then finally tried to learn some HTML at the age of seventeen.

Soon enough after playing around with the webtv page builder, I jumped the tripod bandwagon and created Poopboy 2nd edition along with idiot box tips solely for webtv. Poopboy 2nd edition was basically for joking around and random rants while idiot box tips became a development center and resource for webtv.

Later on in 2002, I finally got my own personal computer currently for educational and private use and decided to continue my education while in college programming languages like Visual Basic and JavaScript. It was then I was working on the j@cK's Table Maker computer application for the Windows PC during my studies. Sadly enough, I never got around to releasing it due to the lack of having the full version of MS Visual Studio and only the student version.

2003 came along while inspired and began to work on an HTML/JavaScript driven website called j@cK's HTML Lab that was designed to be more advanced than anything I've seen out there on the web to support webmasters building web pages. It took awhile to really work with because of the amounts of code involved. But I was here and there working on it and neglecting it at the same time year after year due to my college studies.

Eventually I found some time in 2008 and finished the j@cK's HTML Lab website for use with both msntv and PC. With over 200 to 400 page views per month for just the index page alone, I'm hoping to expand the site with new things never seen before and make j@cK's HTML Lab somewhat popular. As I have seen with msntv, I don't know of anymore since they removed the msntv development site. I wonder if j@cK's HTML Lab will still have the same momentum as it has in the past months?

Trouble Shooting?

If you are experiencing technical problems with the features here or would like to give your comment or input, please send your questions or comments through the faqs page. j@cK's HTML Lab is FREE to view and visit for your web development needs. Feel free to bookmark this page in your Favorites. This website has one purpose, to support those building personal webpages or business and commercial websites.

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