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Hyper Text Markup Language Test Bed

Spring 2009 - A breath of fresh air.
  • As some may have noticed I have added more pages to the User Submitions for searching for Freeware downloads over the winter of 2008. I have been going through which pages I want and the ones that can be grouped together in the database.
  • Link to me, search, news, community, terms of use, about, faqs pages, and error messages for browsers like Internet Explorer have been added for additional support of the website.
  • Photo Grapher has been tweaked for better functionality. You can now view an Image Source by Offline File on your computer. Take notice that this feature works with Internet Explorer and only you can see your offline content. I figured this would be nice for developers creating content for offline use like scrap booking a private web page or something.
  • Text Machine Mini and Photo Grapher Mini has been added to the Link to me page along with a new button and animated banner.
  • Reorganizing things here and there.
  • Previous news...

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