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Winter 2008 - Not much going on.
  • Hyper Text Markup Language Test Bed has been added to the main page. I figured it be a good idea to copy and paste code you create with the other tools to use here and experiment with different combinations.
  • Photo Grapher was updated to serve out Video attributes to play in Internet Explorer.
  • Server issues found at HTML Gear causing the links pages to malfunction. As I have no control over this, there's nothing I can do. It's all up to Lycos to restore sections of my site that I use their services with. I'll keep an eye on this problem as it makes the site seem broken and no longer managed. Sorry about that.
  • Web surfers can now report broken or outdated links in the User Submitted pages.
  • Reorganizing things here and there.

  • Fall 2008 - Adding a few things here and there again.
  • NEW! Photo Grapher is finally in it's Beta stages of development and available to use now!
  • Scripts by is back after checking which of the pages expired.
  • Text Machine was updated today to serve out the blink tag.
  • Text boxes were added to the color controls for Text Machine, Audio Scoper, Body Builder, and Table Maker to make things easyer.
  • For the rest of the fall I'll be organizing the pages better here and there to suite the new look.

  • Summer 2008 - Adding a few things here and there.
  • When clicking on a color cube, it will open a new page for a complete list of all the colors the code generators support. I think it's like 215 colors or something? I forget, oh well? At least it will help in knowing what heximal code each color is instead of randomly looking for the right color someone wants to use with the drop down menus. Now all someone would have to do is open the color chart, look for a desired color, and find it on the drop down menu list that changes the code. It's so much easyer than going through each click.
  • Text Machine was updated today to serve out the marquee tag and attributes.

  • Winter/Spring Feb 2, 2008 - Site malfunctions fixed finally!
    All the broken color cubes were fixed today. The color cubes on Audio Scoper, Table Maker and Text Machine should be working properly now. Sorry for the long wait. Stupid me forgot to watch the lowercase file types instead of coding the uppercase. My fault. My bad. LMAO!

    Summer 2007 - Site malfunctions found, yay!
    There has been some reports of broken color cubes found throughout the site that help identify a Hex color for the HTML tools. It will be a while until I determine the problem and fix them due to preoccupation with other projects..

    Summer 2005 - It's been awhile...
    So what's been up? Not much except a revision of the chunky-coded site is being developed with faster page loading while reviewing some programming bugs here and there along with a new design (better than the current one as of now).

    Spring 2003 ...Back at step one. Yep, the Lab has gotten a total overhaul from scratch due to boredom of looking at the sloppy frameset. I've decided to escape and omit a few features that I found useless (such as the old Table Maker) with some new tools of my own design. Thanks to Notepad and my own unfinished designed j@cK's Table Maker, the lab has gone to greater and cleaner lengths of development. The new format seems simpler than an every day website, that's because my goal is to attract both the Webtv and PC user without any bugs. I tried that concept with the old site and it began to work to some degree, but I feel it's time to make it more user friendly than the previous blue prints.

    Trouble Shooting?

    If you are experiencing technical problems with the features here or would like to give your comment or input, please send your questions or comments through the faqs page. j@cK's HTML Lab is FREE to view and visit for your web development needs. Feel free to bookmark this page in your Favorites. This website has one purpose, to support those building personal webpages or business and commercial websites.

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