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You are not allowed to reverse engineer the code generator programs nor are you allowed to without permission, reproduce, copy and redistribute (unless otherwise posted), or change the programs in any way. Any part of j@cK's HTML Lab may NOT be copied and distributed by any means or a part be distributed as a component of any commercial product without a prior agreement with the author. HTML code you create with j@cK's HTML Labís code generators can be used in any way you like. No license fee is required.

j@cKís HTML Lab, neither it's webmaster claims any responsibility or liabilities for any damage that may or may not have resulted from the use of this web site.

The Hyper Text Markup Language Tools are intended to aid in html programming for page builders and email that support html. You may NOT duplicate these specific utilities by any means.

You are responsible to receive permission before saving and re-publishing other people's work or copyrighted images, unless otherwise posted at the author's web page. All graphics here (including logos, color cubes, etc) were created for j@cKís HTML Lab using Microsoft Paint and Gif Animator.

Scripts provided by is governed by CGIScripts. Check with them on their terms for the use of their content for they are not hosted on these servers.

All web pages or websites containing adult-related, illegal, spam or harassment content will be dismissed from user submission. Your Site must be listed in an appropriate category. Link acceptance is deemed by the webmaster. If you find a dead, broken, or other kind of junk link, please report it. By doing so helps this site stay clean of nonexistent or expired web pages.

Thank you for respecting these terms.

Trouble Shooting?

If you are experiencing technical problems with the features here or would like to give your comment or input, please send your questions or comments through the faqs page. j@cK's HTML Lab is FREE to view and visit for your web development needs. Feel free to bookmark this page in your Favorites. This website has one purpose, to support those building personal webpages or business and commercial websites.

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